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Step-in product testing, 1996
Back Country, Colorado



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Should they make a come back?

If you are familiar with snowboarding you likely know that step-in snowboard bindings exploded onto the snowboard market back in the mid 1990's. The thought of not strapping in drove this new industry segment, but the lack of quality step-in products led to it's early demise.

While most manufacturers focused on convenience, the knowledgeable consumer demanded a light weight high-performance product. They wanted a soft boot and full baseplate binding with a highback. The products offered used very stiff boots reinforced with a metal shank to work with the ski-like bindings. Most were uncomfortable and entry into the unreliable bindings was often difficult.

While there is a lack of step in snowboard bindings available on the market today the need is still there. Will they make a come back?

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Step-in product testing, 1996
Back Country, Colorado

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