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testing step-in bindings
Step-in product testing, 1996
Back Country, Colorado



cradle binding system
Not just another step-in.

If you are familiar with snowboarding you likely know that step-in snowboard bindings exploded onto the snowboard market back in the mid 1990's. The thought of not strapping in drove this new industry segment, but the lack of quality step-in products led to it's early demise.

While most manufacturers focused on convenience, the knowledgeable consumer demanded a light weight high-performance product. They wanted a soft boot and full baseplate binding with a highback. The products offered used very stiff boots reinforced with a metal shank to work with the ski-like bindings. Most were uncomfortable and entry into the unreliable bindings was often difficult.

Too late to change their design concepts, even the largest of snowboard companies struggled to keep market share. By the year 2000 sales had completely diminished and only the "strap-hybrid" Flow Bindings managed to survive and thrives today.

During those early days there was a group of us who worked and rode for Device Mfg. one of the original step-in snowboard binding companies then located in Boulder, Colorado. We all worked hard towards the advancement of step-in binding technology and pushed prototypes to their limits daily.

snowboard bindingsThe cradle binding system
was designed using this daily Colorado snowboarding experience. The idea was to satisfy the pro rider and have the effect trickle down to the average consumer. With very few moving parts and flexible soft boots it's unique design was able to solve the main flaws plaguing other designs.

Unfortunately as the step-in bubble burst, so did any chance of launching this new product - regardless of it's promise.

Jump ahead to 2010. Anyone who has been to a ski area lately would see there is still a need for a high quality step-in binding binding product. With many people still using older step-in bindings (or Flow) and beginners still struggling with their straps, the idea is not completely dead as many would want to believe.

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With this renewed interest we are looking to once again introduce our binding system. Please view the investor opportunities page and contact us with any questions.

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Taken from a recent Transworld Business article. 

"Current-season models find success by offering consumers alternatives to standard straps."


"Even if the original step-ins are gone, their purpose has not been forgotten"

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